When fruits are not fruits… How GMO and toxins are invading our lives


GMO and food additive toxins are invading into kitchens all over the world. While it’s a boon that most European countries have started banning the bad stuff, when will North Americans learn?

Are all Oranges equal?

We all love to eat Oranges that look like orange in shape and color. The soothing refreshing juice and the tangy orange rinds in our daily life and cooking are so irresistible.

Did you know that all Oranges are not the born or raised the same? Florida and Texas oranges are dyed with Citrus Red #2, an FDA-approved colorant solely for dyeing the skins of these oranges. This particular dye has been classified in Group 2B (“possibly carcinogenic to humans“), and so is recommended that it not be used as a food additive. Imagine squeezing the orange with the skin on or grating the rinds and ingesting the dye into our body. You can still buy safe buy oranges; look for California or Arizona oranges, where the dye has been prohibited

 Will an Apple a day keep you alive?

Some Apples are banned in Europe. Why? U.S. and some countries coat their apples with Diphenylamine or DPA , (classified as a pesticide), to prevent apples from browning. The European Commission has banned the use of DPA on apples and other fruit grown, as it was noted there is a presence of nitrosamines in fruits treated with DPA.  Nitrosamines are considered potent carcinogens.  No wonder apples are now considered one of the ‘Dirty Dozen’.

How to avoid GMO Banana’s?

Do not worry, No GMO bananas are in the market yet. But a GMO version has been developed and, a dozen female IOWA University students have volunteered to be part of testing it out, exposing themselves to potential dangers. Further research is ongoing to pump in vaccines in bananas, placing them in food stores and blindly vaccinating anyone with no choice and involuntarily.

How about a nice movie and pop-corn to go?

Sure, as long as it is pop corn. Pop corn happens to be the only type of corn that has no GMO version. Beware, 80% of Sweet corn and Field corn are GM varieties and they have not figured a way to label them and are sold in stores, farmers market and street stands.

We can’t live without potatoes, can we?

Fear not! GMO potatoes are not here yet. The GM potato developed by the Monsanto was rejected as it reacted with sugar and produced acrylamide – a possible carcinogen. Wow, at least the French Fries in McDonald’s are safe from a GMO point.. So are Frito-Lays chips. They both refused to buy any GMO potatoes. Stop bashing them, they are trying!