Toxicity in pets – Result of the choices their humans make for them.

I’m reposting this article from my previous blog “Holistic All The Way”, which unfortunately I had to terminate after I sold my pet care establishment. Toxicity in pets is the same as toxicity in people. In the modern day and age, this topic rises very often.

I just heard of yet another dog that has started succumbing to cancer. in 2013 alone, 3 dogs in the Aarf Club were diagnosed with diabetes, 3 with pancreatitis, 2 with liver problems, innumerable pets with skin and digestive disorders, yet more with infections, hot spots, rashes, and 5 were declared obese.  In my very strong opinion most of these cases, if not every one, could have been prevented by better choices made by the humans of these unfortunate pets.

Unfortunately, your pet’s health is not the main concern for many a manufacturing company of pet foods and drugs. Clever marketing tactics of large pet food companies brainwash people into thinking they have the best product for your dog. Beware! Great marketing does not make great food. It’s time to face the true fact my friends… The chunky steak you see on the outside of your cheap dog food bag, is not on the inside of it.

The unwanted ingredients and chemicals in your pet’s food when not digested or eliminated get accumulated over a period of time and breaks down the immune system. Here’s some ways to avoid the toxic build up in your pet’s body.

Watch what you feed:

If your pet is on a chemically enhanced brand of dog food, it’s time to switch. Eliminate corn, wheat and soya from your pet’s diet.  Replace meat by-products with real meat. If time is not a main concern, cook for your pet. Or prepare raw food diets. Lots of holistic dog food recipes are available online, browse through and follow your heart.

Read the ingredients list:

The glossy pictures of ingredients on the front of the bag might be far too glossier than the actual ingredients posted on the back. If your pet’s food contains any of these chemical preservatives; BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, propyl gallate, artificial dyes and flavouring, stop! This can kill your pet… slowly in the long run.

Replace your  cleaning chemicals with biologically appropriate ones.

Remember, your pets are closer to the floor, so they breathe in the fumes from the chemicals you use on the floor. There are chances of your pets absorbing the toxins through their paw pads and fur. Replace your pet’s shampoo with a holistic one, which would leave a smaller carbon foot print.

Talk to a holistic vet about what vaccines your pet actually needs and eliminate the unnecessary.

By over vaccinating our pets we are not just a facing a financial burden, but also silently killing our poor helpless animals. Vet economics solely depend on vaccines for fiscal solvency and the 1 year rabies vaccine alone can generate $40K-$65K in a medium sized practice. Many vets are scared to inform and educate their clients about 3 year vaccines that could feasibly bring down the level of toxicity in our companion animals.

Use your well educated judgement about preventative medicines.

Switching over to holistic prevention of heartworm and fleas, naturally de-worming and using natural immune boosters can further reduce toxicity and promote longevity in our beloved animals.