Should we buy food with added “Natural Flavours”? – Horrors of creative labeling

natural flavours

We have finally learned to read labels on the food that we buy. We do even check the ingredients in the fast food industries menu, which they provide us voluntarily, to make us believe that their food is safe to order and eat and they seem to really care about our health. In bold letters, they even say ‘No MSG added’ instead has Natural Flavours added.  Is that a good sign? I need to tell you the horrors of creative labeling!

Natural flavours contain Glutamates, which is another fancy name for MSG. Why, they renamed MSG as ‘Glutamates’ making any yucky tasting food delicious, rendering you craving more. It is a marketing ploy.

Anyone can see that it is presumed to be safe to eat only food with Natural Flavours, Low Sodium, or so we think. Is it safer to drink an apple juice with natural flavours than one with artificial flavour? Maybe not, artificial flavorings are simpler in composition and potentially safer because only safety-tested components are utilized. But we are not advocating any kind of added flavours here.

What are Natural Flavours? By definition, it means no Artificial Flavour or Color has been used, but the product is synthesized from a natural source. These flavours are the product “glutamate” aka MSG – Mono Sodium Glutamate. Why doesn’t the label say so, you may ask.  Of course they do, but with the new names that you would not recognize, or probably consider safe. And the FDA does not require to label them as such, unless the added ingredient is 99% pure MSG.

MSG or the related product triples the amount of insulin in your body in addition to the numerous side effects, not to mention, it’s one of the leading cause of obesity, fatty liver, liver toxicity, bad cholesterol, metabolic syndrome and  neurological and brain damage. These are in fact no better in quality, nor are they safer, than their cost-effective artificial counterparts.

Why do North Americans eat more calories than any other industrialized nation? It’s not because we have more money or are hungrier. It’s because our food supply is chemically produced and enhanced with these “natural flavors” along with extra fat, extra salt and extra sugar and it’s EVERYWHERE and we are being TARGETED.

To safeguard yourself, family and friends from the harmful effects of MSG, do not ingest any food that contains the following inventive words

  • Glutamate or Glutamic acid
  • Yeast extract
  • Hydrolyzed products
  • Caseneinated products
  • Soy or Whey Protein or protein fortified
  • Vitamin enriched

food label

For those who can’t be bothered with labels or ingredients, avoid the following:

  • Any and all chicken based food in fast food restaurants
  • Salad dressing, Sauces and dips, especially Ranch, fish or soya sauce. However, Oil & Vinegar Italian dressings may be considered safe
  • Processed foods in cans, instant soup mixes. Flavoured potato chips – (buy the original flavours, or organic ones)
  • UHT processed milk
  • Avoid Low Sodium or Table Salt– Use Himalayan crystal sea salts, these are completely pure salt and not processed
  • Certain brands of Coconut Water

Where do we go from here? Eat whole foods, learn to read labels, shop for No Flavouring, and avoid added ‘natural and/or artificial flavours’. A food labelled natural now sounds fishy, don’t you think?