Why don’t you make bone broth at home yet?

What?? You don’t make your own bone broth? That needs to change! There’s nothing a good broth cannot fix, and here’s why should you be boiling some right now.

Forgive me if I start talking history, but back to the basics is what we are aiming at anyways. In the early days before civilization, every part of a hunted animal was put to use to avoid wastage. That’s how bone broth became a household staple and a favorite for hundreds of years. Bone broth is still healthy today as it was centuries ago, although not as popular, thanks lots of information and competition from processed foods/supplements.

Delicious stock

Also known as stock, broth is made by boiling and simmering bone tissue and cartilage (plus other preferred organs) of an animal in water over heat for a few hours. It can be made from chicken bones, beef knuckles, pork neck and shoulders, chicken feet and more. The simmering action allows the bones to release important nutrients into the water, creating a simple, but tasty golden soup.

If you’re skeptical about bone broth and its advantages, hear me out here:  bone broth has a benefit for every part of the body, right from the brain to the metatarsals in the feet. Plus, you can always add it to food, use it in recipes rather than drinking it directly. As for my family including me, we all sip a cup every other morning instead of coffee, and trust me, the energy it renders puts caffeine to shame.

What is the nutritional value?

Nutrition wise, bone broth comes packed with, chondroitin, gelatin, collagen, proline and amino acids such as cysteine, L-glutamine, histidine and glycine. It also contains notable amounts of glucosamine and glutamine, in addition to copper, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium and other minerals. This wide variety of nutrients is what makes bone broth the super soup that it is.

This elixir has a wealth of benefits for your body, including the following;

Relieving inflammation

The amino acids contained in bone broth, including cysteine, L-glutamine, glycine and histidine possess anti-inflammatory properties, making them particularly helpful against any swellings, blemishes and breakouts you may have anywhere on the skin and within the body. Think clearer, smoother skin and less pain.

Helps with weight loss

Bone broth is also good for maintaining lower weight. Research shows that the L-glutamine amino acid present in bone broth reduces the number of firmicutes bacteria in the gut. Firmicutes bacteria is directly linked to weight gain and obesity, owing to its ability to increase the amount of calories extracted from food.

It heals the gut of most ailments

Like grandma always said, there is nothing wrong with your health that a good broth cannot fix. An unhealthy gut starts with an imbalance of gut bacteria, and results in a number of diseases and discomfort for the human body. Bone broth contains gelatin, which research shows to relieve gut inflammations and heal the wounds inflicted on the intestinal lining. Most naturopaths would recommend a cup or two every morning if you have a leaky gut.

Boosting immunity

Get stronger! Bone broth is actually a great booster for the body’s immunity, as shown by its ability to heal a number of ailments. The best example here is chicken soup and its power over the common cold. Even doctors recommend consuming bone broth in case of certain ailments to accelerate the body’s healing processes.

Promotes healthy bones and joints

Two of the compounds and nutrients in bone broth, collagen and chondroitin are essential players in the formation of cartilage, which the body needs to maintain functional joints as we age. The other nutrients in bone broth also strengthen bones, nails and teeth.

Helps with muscle growth and repair

The muscles in our bodies grow and regenerate with the help of muscle protein synthesis, a natural process that is stimulated by amino acids in the body. Bone broth is rich in various amino acids and accelerates the healing process, making it an ideal form of treatment for anyone with torn or tired muscles.

Bone broth for the skin

It contains collagen, which is the same protein the body needs to ensure skin elasticity and the formation of cartilage, bones, tendons and ligaments. The body releases less collagen as we develop, allowing us to age. Drinking bone broth supplements the body’s collagen, enabling us to have younger skins and beat early on-set wrinkles.


Other benefits of using bone broth

  • Reducing cellulite
  • Improving memory and brain health.
  • Helps with bodily detoxification.
  • Relieves arthritis and averts bone breakage
  • Helps lose a fever
  • Warms you on a cold or rainy night.

So, you heard all about it… and now you want to make it. There is a ton of recipes available on the internet of course, my favourite one is here down 

below. I almost made a recipe card for it, but then, it’s so simple. It’s the style that counts because there is no real recipe for bone broth.

My bone broth recipe:

I throw in 5 large bones into my slow cooker, cover it with water, pour a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar into it and let it warm up. The slow warming up lets the acid leech the collagen out of the bone and into the broth. Then in an hour, I add an onion chopped into 4 pieces, a couple of potatoes and carrots cut into large pieces, a few gloves of garlic, salt, cumin powder and some thyme and let it cook over night. In the morning, I have broth ready to sip!

There’s no harm in drinking bone broth or using it as part of your meals. Its healthy, safe and ready to change your health should you dare to try it.