Bee Pollen – A complete nourishing super food.

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is considered a complete food. In fact, bees intend this pollen from flowers to be complete foods for their young ones. It’s by far considered the most nourishing food on earth for humans too. This is where I get my Bee Pollen Granules

Worker bees produce a mix of honey and pollen, commonly known as royal jelly, a super revitaliser which is rich in B5 and other B vitamins, plus amino acids, potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, and manganese.

Strengthens immunity

Start taking bee pollen six weeks before an allergy season to strengthen the immune system and reduce the intake of over the counter anti-histamines. Bee pollen is a perfect antibiotic and immune booster.

Healthy vibrant skin

Regular intake of bee pollen supplement produces healthy vibrant skin, reduces wrinkles and helps battle against acne.

Aids weight loss

Bee pollen being rich in amino acid phenylalanine helps reduce cravings, suppress appetite and aids in weight loss.

Cellular regeneration

The restorative power in bee pollen increases muscular strength after a workout or during convalescence. It is known to increase endurance levels in sportsmen and athletes. German naturalist Francis Huber called bee pollen “the greatest body builder on Earth.”

Supports fertility

In women, bee pollen stimulates the ovaries and helps increase ovulation, thus combating infertility.

There are many ways you can include bee pollen into your diet. My favorite one is to eat a teaspoon of it as it is, in the morning before breakfast. You can even sprinkle it over a smoothie or chia pudding and chew it along. Spread it on fruit or add it to preserves just before consumption. Blending bee pollen into the smoothie could leave a plastic-ky feeling in the mouth, but if you like the texture, hey, go ahead!

If the texture and taste of bee pollen is not something you appreciate, several bee pollen supplements are available in capsule forms at health stores everywhere and my personal favorite to use is this one from Life Extensions 

If you have never taken bee pollen as a supplement, start today!