Apple Cider Vinegar for your dogs…

Apple Cider Vinegar has been used for its medicinal properties ever since biblical times. An organic bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) can save you a good chunk of money at the Vet’s.  A bottle of this elixir is a must for every home. One can use it as a tonic or a supplement, to prevent or treat medical conditions, for humans and for pets.

ACV is a deep yellow/golden/orange liquid you would generally find in your organic/holistic health store. Look for the cloudy residue at the bottom, this cobweb like cloud in the vinegar (generally called mother) should tell you that it has been through natural fermenting process as opposed to the distilled clear ACV.  Only an organic ACV would have mother.

A non-organic ACV would be pasteurized, thus stripping the liquid of its nutrients and killing the healthy enzymes necessary to provide health benefits. I would only use this kind for cleaning purposes and to get rid of dandruff or an itchy scalp. For all internal consumptions, it is best to avoid distilled, malted and synthetic vinegars.

Let’s get on to see how ACV can save you big bills at the vet’s and provide an optimum health benefit with a natural holistic approach.

 The anti fungal and anti bacterial properties of ACV make a good immune booster for your pet. Just put a few drops of the good stuff into your pet’s drinking water every day.

Adding the vinegar to your pet’s drinking water everyday can also prevent mosquito bites as mosquitoes would want nothing to do with an alkaline animal body. No more chemical sprays! Don’t use a cannon to kill a mosquito.

After a regular shampooing just rinse your pet off with diluted ACV. This can not only help prevent fleas, ticks and mosquito bites but also rid your dog of dry itchy skin and dandruff. Your dog will then have shiny healthy fur and coat.

Add equal amounts of ACV and water and use the solution with a few cotton balls to regularly clean your dog’s ears. ACV kills the bad bacteria that causes itch, infections and wax build up!

The large amount of pectin in the vinegar keeps your pet’s heart health in top shape.

Regular use in drinking water cleanses and detoxifies your pet’s internal organs like liver, pancreas, kidneys and promotes good overall health.

ACV in the daily drinking water maintains the acid/alkaline balance of the digestive tract, thus promoting easy digestion and preventing bloat, constipation or diarrea.

Gurgling of the stomach and acid reflux in dogs can be helped by diluting ACV in water (1 portion of ACV with 3 portions of water) and administering through a dropper.

So, just like an apple a day keeps your doctor away, ACV along with a balanced diet, lots of water to drink, enough exercise, proper stimulation of the mind, rest and relaxation and natural hygiene for your dog should see you away from the vet for long happy periods of time.