Amazing health benefits of ginger


Ginger! Oh ginger!

This pungent miracle root found its beginning in India and China and is known in ancient Indian and Chinese medicine to prevent and cure several health disorders.

Its close relatives are turmeric and galangal who are also equally equipped with wonderful healing properties. We are going to talk about those relatives very soon. Here are some amazing health benefits of ginger…

  • Drinking steeped ginger tea can help overcome nausea, calm a troubled stomach and digest a sluggish meal. Make ginger chai at home! Grab some loose tea leaves, a quarter tsp of dry ginger powder, one pod of opened cardamom with the peel, three cloves and some crushed cinnamon. Steep in a cup of hot water at 97— for 5 minutes, add honey and milk/almond milk if you wish, stir and enjoy!
  • Drinking a boiled infusion of ginger, lemon and honey can help cure a common cold or even flu.
  • Ginger is known to ease pregnancy related morning sickness. If drinking a tea seems to strong, just scratch a small area on the root and inhale it until the nausea subsides. Burning ginger essential oil can also help the same.
  • Ginger is very anti-inflammatory. Soaking in a tub with a few drops of ginger oil can ease muscle tensions and injuries after heavy workouts.
  • Ginger is also a fantastic detox agent. Add ginger to smoothies and juices and also grate it over any dish and consume every day. A cup of ginger tea in the morning can kick a sluggish metabolism and thus support weight loss.
  • Ginger is one super food I can go on writing about. Other than the great properties mentioned above, it’s also a wonderful ingredient that helps control blood sugar, boost heart health, strengthen immunity, reduce cholesterol and help fight free radicals to prevent cancer.

Here is a recipe for an amazing sauce to go with spring rolls or grilled chicken: Grate some ginger, add some chopped green onions, a spoonful of peanut oil (Be aware of allergies) and a dash of salt. Mix everything together and serve with whatever you wish to go with it! It can also act as a salad dressing with an Asian accent.

Warning! Too much of ginger might potentially cause problems.

Drinking too much of this strong tea might not be a good idea as it might give rise to a burning sensation in the stomach.

If you are diabetic, or suffer from low blood pressure, too much of ginger can cause a major drop in blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Enjoy this wonderful natural medicine in small beneficial amounts. I’d limit my ginger intake to about one piece a day the size of my thumb!