Aloe Vera: The benefits you wish you knew!

Aloe Vera is not just that green plant with sharp, thorn flanked leaves. It’s a true gem, especially when you consider the benefits it has in store for the body. We bring you just a few of the benefits that aloe vera has for your body and health.

Slows aging and wrinkle formation

There is a reason aloe Vera is a major constituent in facial lotions. Studies done show that when aloe Vera is applied to the skin for 90 days, it triggers increased collagen production, which directly improves the elasticity of facial skin and slows down wrinkle formation in older people.

Treats burns and sores

For first and second degree burns, aloe Vera has long been prescribed as a healing remedy for as way back as the World Wars for soldier’s burns. That is a testament to its healing powers and ability to accelerate healing of burns. All you have to do is rub its gel onto the skin and let it dry.

Relieving constipation

Because of its laxative abilities, the latex from aloe vera is also used to relieve people suffering from constipation. This makes aloe vera a perfect alternative for other over-the-counter medications commonly prescribed for constipation.

Blood sugar control in diabetics

Aloe’s strong bitterness isn’t all for nothing either. The herb is also usually prescribed to manage blood sugar better in diabetics because of this component.

Treating sunburn

We all get a bad case of sunburn from time to time, despite our best efforts. Thanks to this juicy cactus, you can treat your sunburn completely and expect no side effects.

Researchers in South Korea found extracts from I month old shoots of aloe to be effective at protecting the body from UVB sun rays.

Hair and scalp treatment

In addition to all the other benefits above, aloe also does wonders for the scalp and hair. Studies show that applying aloe gel to hair and on the scalp helps with itchiness and dandruff. That is in addition to improving damaged hair and promoting new hair growth.

Treating dental plaque and cavities

The antibacterial abilities of this plant make it effective in treating a number of dental ailments, including cavities and dental plaque. This ability makes it effective against the bacteria that produces the plague on the gums and triggers build-ups. Additionally, aloe vera is effective at relieving gum inflammations. That explains why it is a major ingredient in toothpastes.

Treatment of mouth sores

If you get mouth sores from time to time, you have a natural remedy in form of aloe gel. Research done on aloe vera shows that it may be as effective as corticosteroids in healing mouth sores. All you have to do is rinse it through your mouth before bed on a regular basis.

There you are! this plant does have a great deal of benefits for your family’s health. If that isn’t enough reason for you to plant your own aloe vera in your back garden, try buying the aloe in its other forms from your nearest drug store.