Yes, let’s buy a puppy on Kijiji

Oh Boy!

Oh boy oh boy! It certainly has been a long week and this much needed Saturday is so welcome. And what do I have here? An very tiny little puppy with some Rottweiler origin.

I’m watching this puppy for a very young couple (teens actually) while they go out for the weekend. While I’m looking at this scrawny little thing, I recall the conversation I had with the young owners…

(The featured picture has nothing to do with the puppy in the article)

When did they acquire the pup?

A week ago.

Do they know what breed he is?

They were “told” it was a Rottweiler mix.

Did the couple see the parents of the puppy they got?

No, they weren’t allowed to.

Did the breeder send this new puppy to its forever home after the first set of vaccines?

No, they told these ”kids” that it was now their job to get the shots for the pup.

Where did they find this pup?

Through an advertisement on Kijiji.

Ok, all things said and done, does the pup look healthy and ready to be weaned from its mother?

Ha! He’s all scrawny, weighs 3.8lbs at 11 weeks (they were told that was his age, with no medical records to prove), hasn’t yet acquired a balanced gait, has goopy eyes, worms in the pooh pooh, slightly visible teeth, and tries to suck on his blanket!

So, Girlfriend, a dog is a responsibility. “A birthday present to the boyfriend” seems cute. But how many thoughts have gone into it? Sure you thought “Oh, he’s gonna love the puppy! We’re gonna have such fun together”…

But certainly you did not stop to think: “I’m picking this puppy from such a questionable breeder, I haven’t seen the parents, and they could be among other such tortured ones in a puppy mill. What will happen when the puppy starts showing symptoms of bad health? How are we going to find means of feeding this large breed puppy good food? Can we afford his vaccinations? Will we have enough to cover his vet bills if medical expenses come up? Did we look up the cost of neutering this puppy? What if we start facing behavioural issues? Can we afford professional help? What if our situation changes? Will this puppy go to a new home?”

Well, you also might have thought, “if we don’t want the puppy anymore, we can always drop him off at the pound, he’s cute, and somebody will adopt him”.

Did you stop to think “What if nobody adopts him?”

Perhaps it seems to be a silly thing to think right now… But what about when a needle is pushed into this sweet, trusting young dog surrendered by his owner? This cute little puppy would be a large dog then, who would quietly die, and his warm body will be added to the overflowing barrels of other forgotten dogs, bought and discarded by people who didn’t keep them either.

Now, Girlfriend, you have the death of an innocent animal on your hands. And you, breeders and sellers of innocent puppies and kittens on Kijiji or Craigslist, how many deaths of animals will you have on your hands before you meet your Maker?