10 benefits of coconut oil you may not know

Coconut oil is pure magic! This oil has been the go to solution for the past three generations of my family in a lot of situations. Coming from an Ayurvedic background, 60% of the oils my family uses in everyday life is coconut oil.

If you can’t love them for their lovely scent, you’ll fall in love with the array of benefits that coconuts have for the human body. Coconuts, their milk and the natural cold pressed oil extracted from them have long been used around the world. It’s used for cooking, medicine and aesthetic purposes, thanks to their natural properties and high mineral content.

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So, what is so great about coconut oil?

You have already heard your friends or people on the internet rave about the magical properties of coconut oil. So, for your health, here’s just a few of them to mention.

Of course there are more, but that wouldn’t be for a blog post, an eBook, maybe…

  1. For moisturising the skin. There’s lots of lotions and creams for cracking heels and drying skin, and most of them have coconut oil as an ingredient. You can also use it alone to smoothen dry and flaking skin.
  2. The best oil for optimum healthy cooking. Because this oil is made of high saturated fat that doesn’t turn toxic on heating, it is also recommended for daily cooking in the home. Using coconut oil also reduced LDL (lowers the amount of bad cholesterol) in the body, as per research findings.
  3. For treating skin conditions. Studies show that coconut oil is particularly effective at healing skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis, especially in children.
  4. Protection from the sun’s UV rays. Despite contradicting findings, experts agree that C oil does reflect up to 20% of the sun’s dangerous UV rays away from the skin
  5. For dental health. Cleansing the mouth with coconut oil was found to provide relief for inflamed gums, treat tooth decay and heal gum disease. And this is not about oil pulling. Oil pulling needs its own blog post, which will follow soon.
  6. Treating diarrhoea. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties, and has been proven with research to be effective against the bacteria that causes diarrhoea in both adults and children.
  7. Hair growth and protection. C oil has been found to have a high ability than other oils to penetrate hair when applied to the scalp, making it effective at moisturizing hair and strengthening it.
  8. Calming insect bites and stings. The anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil make it the ideal remedy for relieving the swellings that result from insect bites and stings.
  9. Healing wounds faster. Research done on coconut oil’s ability to heal wounds found that it stimulates increased collagen production on wounded skin, which in addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, helps to accelerate wound healing.
  10. Effective at makeup removal. This is definitely a must try. Apply a drop or two to a cotton swab and rub away makeup from your eyelids, face or lips. C Oil does a good job of removing makeup with ease.

And there is more to coconut oil than mentioned here?

There you are! This magic substance is definitely more useful than the few functions listed above. We recommend that you add it to your diet everyday if you can access it easily. It’s not the end of the list. Have you heard of oil pulling? That’s what my next article could be about. Oil pulling with coconut oil can turn your world around. Stay tuned and hear more.

Good luck!